India Day 8: Getting Savaged By Dogs on Calangute Beach

India really does not want me here. It’s okay to laugh at this… as long as you feel a bit sorry for me too.

Dog attack…

I was thinking what the next incident would be to come test me. Maybe loss of passport, or crashing on the bike, but no… instead I got savaged by a pack of 15 dogs.

I don’t want to upload pics of my arse but here’s a pic of some of the Bite wounds. I’ve cropped to make as respectable as possible.

New top ruined then…

I had gone out that night to Titos Lane, and went into a few clubs, afterwards I took it usual stroll home down the beach around 3km to my hotel.

The dogs are usually knocking around on the beach minding their own business, but I must have done something to piss them off as a couple of them started howling at me, and proceeded to come and start nipping at my heels.

I didn’t think much of it until another couple come over and started doing the same a little more aggressively. At this point I decided to run.

This attracted around 10-15 more dogs who decided I was dog enemy #1 and they continued viciously biting me. I fell into the sand and they carried on. Biting mainly my arse and legs. I’m glad I was a bit pissed cause it was really painful.

I thought this was it… this is how I die. Savaged by dogs. I managed to get up and I just ran into the sea and got as far in as I could. Phone was in pocket…😩

They didn’t come near the Sea. I was okay.. for now. 

Once I thought they had gave up I come out of the sea and tried to get across to the road to get off the Beach. This is when 5 or 6 dogs started coming at me again. 

I jumped into an area surrounded by tables chairs in one of the beach shacks, the dogs couldn’t get through. In the area was a random Indian bloke in a sleeping bag… seems he owns the shack and sleeps there at night? 

He was very light hearted about it, even chuckling at one point. He took me round the side of the shack and gave me a lift on his moped to the main road! What a guy!

After getting back to the hotel I realised my phone had been in my pocket and it weren’t charging. Eventually this morning it started working. Thank god iPhones are kinda waterproof. It survived the sea.

I took a look at my wounds, I was bleeding pretty bad. I’m gonna go get it checked out today at a pharmacy! Can’t wait for that conversation… 

The day before

Up until that point I was having a great day.

I tried some seafood at a place called Pousada. It was a little pricey compared to everywhere else but it was spot on. I’m not normally a fan of seafood.

On the evening I went to Redonda, as recommended by my mate Ryan!

Then I went to Titos lane for a few cocktails 🍹 

Crazy guy I met in Mambos


I may have mentioned that the Wifi is terrible everywhere in Goa it seems. Your best bet is getting an IDEA sim. Its the Indian biggest phone network. It’s really cheap and relatively fast.

Never tell an Indian you’ll be back later

A lot of the shops will try and get you to buy stuff. Jewellery, t shirts , even little drums. 

I walked past a guitar shack a couple of days ago and naturally stopped… the guy was rubbing his hands together telling me to buy.

I said “maybe later”.

He said “you promise?”.

“Erm… yeah…”.

Bad move. Every day since he has recognised me and badgered me, and even proceeded to follow me up the road playing air guitar, repeating “you buy, you promise”.

Yeah, so don’t make promises.

Anyway, it seems like India is trying everything to get rid of me but I’m gonna stay out of spite. I nearly gave up again after the dog attack and thinking my phone weren’t going to work. Let’s see what happens next.

Take aways

Dont walk the beach alone at night. Beware of the dogs

Get an IDEA sim 

Never promise an Indian you’ll be back later

4 thoughts on “India Day 8: Getting Savaged By Dogs on Calangute Beach

  1. Wow ! Joe been following you lost ya wallet cards etc attacked by dogs fa fuck sake man get home safe ha ha you got something to say done it well done mate and taking your trip tips on board with interest enjoy and have a great time ! Met you on chasewater out for a run


      1. Go bro do the kiwi Tour. Be safe mate looks good though where you are believe it or not you still have to be street wise in NZ Have you met any chicks over there ha ha being curious


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