India Day 6: Kingfisher Therapy

In my last post I had been having a low moment whilst writing. I had wanted to come home. The card and money situation had got me down a bit, but I decided to have a few beers and let go a bit before booking those flights home.

Night out

I decided have a few Kingfishers, go out in Baga and see what happens. A last attempt to let Goa charm me and persuade me to stay. 

I ended up going to a few bars and cheered up a bit. I met a couple of Swedish lads who fed me really strong Fireball shots. 

Honeymoon Suite

The next day my hotel had to move me as my original planned stay had expired. They kindly upgraded me to the honeymoon Suite at the same rate (roughly). Last night I witnessed an Indian wedding from the balcony.

Getting around Goa on a moped

The next day in good spirits, maybe still slightly intoxicated, I decided to get a moped. This could have been the worst decision I had made in Goa. Could have been the nail in the coffin. I just thought f*ck it what’s left to lose now.

In return for the bike they wanted 500 rupees (£5) and my passport. Fair deal it seems.

 At first I was a little shaky and after a couple near misses I got the hang of it… even reaching speeds of 15mph. The hardest part was getting used to driving on the left side of the road. For anyone that’s been to India they’ll vouch that the roads are mental. Random cows, cars, people just everywhere.

I gave it back the next day having used hardly any of the petrol. Was good fun while it lasted!

Aguada Fort

I biked it around 10km to Aguada Fort, which I still have no idea what it is or was… but looked pretty cool.


Whilst out here I’ve been eating mainly vegetarian dishes, Paneer missala mostly, with the exception of a steak from my hotel which was spot on! I’ve not been eating much at all, I’m gonna come back looking like Ghandi.


The beach is filled with little shacks selling beer and serving food. I tried to have a little go at doing some work emails in some today but the Wifi everywhere is shocking. The 3G on my phone is the best source of internet I can find.


So I’ve decided to stay. As soon as I get my card on Friday or Saturday I plan to head south to Palolem and then maybe finish up in the Hyatt in Bambolim for a bit of luxury ( suggested by Doug )

Take aways

Hire a moped 🏍 

If in doubt, have a few beers and shots to get clarity

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